Why List With Us

We know Park Shore, Naples, Florida & surrounding areas!

Our approach is different

As the real estate business has exploded over the last several years in Naples, the growing trend among many agents has been to create teams that employ assistants to handle the day to activities of listing a home, showing the property, marketing the property and in many cases, communicating with the client. While this may be beneficial to the agent, we have found that clients become frustrated with dealing with assistants rather than the agent whom they thought they hired to sell their home. Our approach is different. We don’t have a team of assistants, so every activity involved in making sure your home sale is handled professionally is done by us. We are the agents you hired to do the job, and we feel it would be a violation of that trust to “farm out” the day to day efforts of marketing, showing your home to prospective clients, handling contract negotiations and most importantly, the regular communication that is critical between agent and client. We are the professionals and we feel it is our duty to make sure your home sale is handled by us every step of the way from the first day of the listing to closing- and beyond. It might be an “old school” approach, but we have proven that it works thus assuring that our clients are loyal and will gladly recommend us to their friends and families.

Reputation for integrity and fairness

villages-at-venetian-bay,-sculpturesWhen you list your home with us, you are hiring two experienced professionals with a combined 40 years in the Naples market. We know nearly every agent who routinely works in the Park Shore, beach front and surrounding areas and that knowledge gives us a tremendous advantage in a variety of ways. We know which agents produce real buyers, which agents truly know our local contract and customs, which agents will negotiate fairly, and which agents have the highest likelihood of helping to complete a smooth closing. They know us, too, and our reputation for integrity and fairness which ultimately makes the process of selling the home for our clients that much easier. Those agent to agent relationships which have been cemented over our many years in the business brings a beneficial nuance for our clients, that maybe isn’t talked about enough, but something that is important to consider. We look forward to working with you when it is time to sell.

Why List With Us?

  • Personal Service: Our signature of professionalism is the high level of personal service we provide as your agent. We don’t delegate showings, contract negotiations or personal communications to assistants. We handle everything ourselves from the beginning of the listing to the closing and beyond.
  • Marketing Plan: Starting with an analysis of your home’s value relative to the market, a thorough knowledge about your home’s specific characteristics, calculating an effective listing price, ordering professional photography to an advertising campaign that covers brochures, top magazines, JRW website (ranked top real estate website in the state of Florida), plus over 1500 websites we own to generate maximum exposure. We incorporate Social media placements, plus our personal site: parkshoreparadise.com
  • We are agents associated with the most established real estate firm in Naples, John R. Wood Properties. Our firm leads in market share in all the key areas of Naples and brings the expertise of nearly 300 agents who support this market. In all likliehood, your home will be sold by a JRW agent.
  • Global Reach: Naples attracts the attention of people from all over the world. We are the primary exclusive affiliate in Southwest Florida for Leading Real Estate Companies of the Worldtm. – a worldwide real estate network with 4,600 offices and over 222B in sales.
  • Our Trademarked Publications: Your listing will appear in any or all of our JRW publications including, Estate Lifestyles, Estates Galleria, HomeLook Magazine and our weekly newspaper insert, HomeLook Weekly.
  • Who we know: we have developed key contacts in the areas of legal, title, home inspection, general contractors and service companies to ensure that every aspect of the transaction is handled professionally.
  • The Art of the Deal: A great benefit for our clients is the agent to agent relationships we have established over many years. We know who the “players” are and we know how to effectively communicate with our competition to ensure the deal gets done to all parties’ satisfaction. That skill only comes with many years of experience and perserverance.
  • Future relationships: Our goal is to handle not only this sale for you, but the next one and the next one after that. We must perform above and beyond what you would otherwise expect from another agent to ensure that we are your real estate professionals going forward.